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Plot Holes (Steven Moffat’s Q&A in DWM)        X

Steven Moffat’s plot holes are returning like deadly boomerangs flung haphazardly through the air to bite him on the bum.

(I had to share this little discovery with you all. I was deeply amused, and I’m sure there are plenty of you out there that will be too.)

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If your response to a question about how something happened in your own writing is “I’ve often wondered about that”, than you’re doing it wrong. And you’re a bad writer.


The most popular song of the summer is about how consent is boring and women are just animals and they just need a good hard dicking from a real man to sort them out, with a music video featuring empowered men running around in suits while naked women are relegated to literally holding livestock and acting as sex objects and I just do not have the words to express how upset and angry that makes me

Robin Thicke Is An Asshole Douchenozzle Pisslord Fuckerman

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